- Innovations. Founder of EAT BEAT (Seed stage) - an AI solution for mindful food consumption. Founder of ZTA Technologies (MVP) - sound technologies in VR/AR;

- Sound Design. Co-founder of LFO Store - the largest sound design platform in Northern Europe. As a sound designer, collaborating with the world's largest manufacturers of synthesizers and audio equipment (Yamaha, Steinberg, Arturia, Modal Electronics, Access Music, etc.);

- Sound Therapy. More than 2000 US & European sound therapy students. Over 10 years of research. Specialist in the field of psychoacoustics and psychotechnologies in film scoring;

- OSTs. Cannes Film Festival 2021. Official soundtrack for "Survive or Sacrifice" movie with William Baldwin (2020, USA-Cyprus), which received high reviews from American film critics. Soundtracks and music for Altar (Canada), RT (Russia), Wonders of Reality (Germany), etc.;

- Music. The musical album "A Living Flow" entered the top 10 iTunes most streamed albums in October 2020. Syngeneia Records music label founder.

  • Full Name : Otto K. Schwarz
  • Date of Birth: 3rd of April, 1990
  • Languages : English, German, Russian
  • Curent location : Tallinn, Estonia
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Your message to the world?

Following the sages of antiquity, I believe that everything has a vibrational nature, and sound is the closest expression of vibrations to a person. With the help of sound and music man is able to know himself; sound can heal, open the mind to new ideas and possibilities. We must consciously approach its power, use it for good and explore sound deeper. This is the area in which I am engaged and in this I have the qualities of mastery.

What are the areas of possible cooperation?

I can be of assistance in matters of sound design, scoring music for media / film production, the development of sound technologies and the creation of personal sound therapy programs and consultations on the effects of sound and music. You can also contact me on issues that you consider important. I will be glad to answer the questions regarding sound and/or music industry.

What are your working values?

I profess the principles of professionalism and humanism. I have extensive professional experience working with the world's best brands, I am a dedicated team player and a believer in human values that I deeply respect. Colleagues and partners trust me, pointing to my responsibility, broad outlook, creativity and ability to find extraordinary solutions.

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